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Our icon journal.

Icons of everything and anything. Go ahead, request.

Tremar icons
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This is the icon outlet of treyc and vivelegardien. They start their freshmen year of college too soon for comfort, but still have tons of pride for the graduating class of '05. Tracey will be a Maryland Terrapin next year (in body, not just spirit), and Maria is going to play division I field hockey for Saint Joseph's in Philadelphia.

In between sporting events, parties and paper writing, they find free time to create icons of their favorite things. Cue the music.

This may consist of...

  • Music. From Brand New to Britney Spears to [Dave] Barnes and [David] Bowie to other musicians whose name does not start with a 'B'. They like all kinds of music and all kinds of musical icons.

  • Sports. Tracey tends to Fear the Turtle while Maria leans towards professional ice hockey and soccer. Both are fans of hot dogs and a baseball game on a summer night.

  • Olympic and national teams are always in style

  • Actors/actresses/movies/tv shows. Cause they're fabulous. And we're lazy.

  • Sometimes things because they're pretty.

    Feel free to add us if you like our stuff!

    Or feel free to comment with a request or email one of us here:


    They have full right to turn down any requests involving the Tampa Bay Lightning, New Jersey Devils, Duke Blue Devils, any kind of Devil, including Ian Thorpe or other such disgusting, disgraceful subject matter.

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