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I'd followed his signals and now, suddenly-

Free agency is ruining my life, I can't pull myself away from TSN. I have to learn to like Derian Hatcher now, but it's okay, because this means we'll finally stop having a pansy-ass blueline. And Therien's back. Life is good. Three defenseman signed in one day, all 6'5. Hurray for hitting!

Velvet Goldmine is God.

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1. The small print says "softly, he said... I will" and that leads to the "mangle your mind." From the movie.
3. "Heaven aint close" from Somebody Told Me by the Killers. The line "heaven aint close in a place like this" reminded me of the party scenes in the movie.
4. Small print says "everyone stole from Jack" with the picture of Brian and Jack's kiss.
6. Small print says "The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history." From the movie. Great line. Great scene.
9. Small print says "He called it a freedom. A freedom you could allow yourself... or not." From Curt's voice-over at the end of the movie.
10. We Are the Boys is a song from the soundtrack.
11. Says "smile like you mean it" from the Killers.
12. "Anthem to the sky" is a line from the soundtrack song Bitter's End.

God this movie has the greatest quotes ever.

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